Saturday, September 01, 2007

roadhouse 1

More Swyaze

So I get summoned into the bedroom tonight to witnify the last few minutes of “Roadhouse”. Now, Y’all know I gotz a song on the “Roadhouse 2” soundtrack, (for DVD release only of course!) but I’ve kept up with the lightfooted Mr.Swayze ever since my Momma loved her some “Dirty Dancing” about 53 times. The new “Roadhouse 2” doesn’t feature Super Swayze which let me down a bit, but at least it gots Meeee!!
So here’s my Momma’s review of the original “Roadhouse”. Y’all ready? Realize that this was the follow up to “Dirty Dancing”. Now, this ain’t makin’ fun o’ Momma..but here was her thoughts on it..”It won’t dat good”
That was it. And it was duh!, OMG! oh so right! When I watched he last few horrifying minutes of “Roadhouse” I was seriously offended that someone would expect even the dumbest son-of-o-bitch on Earth to believe this shit! It was the most laughable attempt at serious cinema that has ever crawled across the screen! And she says..”
It won’t dat good.”? No Momma, it won’t!


Anonymous said...

Aw, yawso swayze!

Ace said...

Roadhouse is a classic. I mean the dialog is unbelievable. When Jeff Healy says "Nice to SEE you". Or when they refer to the club (the double duece) as the double dusche. Not to mention a ford dealership being demolished by a monster truck. Pure Americana if you ask me. And the line of all lines

"I use to F*** guys like you in prison". Such a coup de gras line of all lines. Why this piece of ahmm art didn't win any oscars is behind me. I mean it's got everything for everyone except moma. Unless Moma was one of the few women that don't like Sam Shepheard. I don't know a straight guy that didn't like Kelly Lynch's butt, Healy was rippin on guitar, Patrick was gettin all Swayze for the homos when he was doing butt Yoga. (and the ol' man was peppin)

How can ya not love this movie. Now I figure Roadhouse 2 really sux. But it's on sale at Hollywood video for 5.00 bucks. Is it worth it just to hear "hunt you down"? I dunno. Maybe if Kelly Lynch's butt is in it again.

Ace out.......

TA said...

Hollywood video, huh? I'll grab a copy!