Thursday, September 27, 2007

new record, day one

Jack, (engineer) Jonathan and I got in there last night and started laying down some tracks for the new record. First Jon and I put down another drum track for Keith’s version of “Photograph”. Not replacing the old one, mind you, just putting down ANOTHER one! You know, like the Ringo LIVE show, two drummers. It sounds pretty damn big and bad. When that was done, Jon asked “OK, what we doing now?” Knowing that he didn’t drive all the way from Durham just to sit around with my ugly mug, I showed him one of my new songs, “Lost Your Number”. He set up a loop and got me a good guitar sound and off we went, vocals, bass, piano, etc. It turned out NOTHING like I was hearing it (which happens a lot!) but still very hooky and cool. It may not be the final version but it sure is a HI-FI-lootin’ soundin’ demo! They loved it and I was really glad to get started.


yayhoos/dan baird/ jerry lee lewis fan said...

REHEARSAL SHOW for "Magic" Tour


Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ
Radio Nowhere
Prove It All Night
Lonesome Day
Gypsy Biker
She's the One
Livin' in the Future
The Promised Land
Town Called Heartbreak
Darlington County
Born in the USA
Devil's Arcade
The Rising
Last to Die
Long Walk Home
Girls in Their Summer Clothes
Born to Run
American Land

The Magic Tour
Rehearsal show. "Long Walk Home" closes main set. Show lasts appr. 2 hours. "Town Called Heartbreak" is a duet between Bruce and Patti, as is "Magic".

The show was great but its tough watching clarence sit as much as he did...he seem to have aged quite a bit and may have had a slight limp as well.
- LR

Very good show - great setlist - Bruce can sense the appeal of " Girls in their Summer Clothes" ! The rest of the new songs worked well and were balanced with the classics. Thundercrack is great - hope it can work in a bigger arena ! I thought Clarence looked great !! All said- a very special evening !
- kevin k

Hot is the word! The band was smokin as was the temperature inside the intimate confines of Convention Hall. Great show - look forward to more Magic, i.e. Terry's Song and I'll Work for Your Love. Bring on the Tour!!!!!
- Gary K

I was extremely impressed with Patti's new CD and am glad that she is performing "Town Called Heartbreak." A long time Springsteen fan, there is a family connection that the E Street Band exemplifies and I think it is important to his female audience too. This is her best work and yes it is her husband's band. He and Patti show the world that you can have a marriage that survives time, an extremely successful rock and roll career, and a raise your kids in a normal private setting. I find it amazing and even more reason to embrace them. McCartney put his inexperienced and musically untalented wife much to her personal protests on stage and his audiences grew to accept it despite her "lack of musical training." Patti not only has a degree in music, but happens to be a very talented songwriter in my opinion. It is always difficult for women to break into a man's world particularly in a band. Her husband is an American icon and I am sure she realizes that her role on a tour with "his" band has to be that place she has created for herself over the years. However, she kept the homestead raising little Springsteens while Bruce kept on rocking for all of our sakes and now she deserves to have a "little" spotlight. What is the difference in their performing one of Patti's songs together or the band performing another artist's song which he has done over the years repeatedly? I adore Bruce and every "family" member of the band. Let's look forward to many great times to be had and any offering he chooses to make is fine with me.
- Nancy N

I didn't have a ticket for the show but decided to go up and sit on the beach to listen. I started off the on the south side of the building where in the past, if they opened the first set of double doors, on the side up on the balcony, you could see part of the stage. It turns out, this time they had the north side opened. I listened to Radio Nowhere, Prove It All Night, Lonesome Day and Gypsy Biker on the south side. In the meantime, every now and then people were heading past me and towards the back of the building, so during Magic, I took a walk over, and discovered that the north side's beach and boardwalk were mobbed with fans. The first set of double doors on the balcony was open. The combo of Night and She's The One was amazing. I was so glad to see She's The One performed because recently, for some reason, I've become completely obsessed with that song, even though I've known it for years. After that, I went up on the boardwalk. The sound wasn't as loud from the boardwalk, but I went back and forth between the boardwalk and beach to get differnt views of the stage. Darlington County went right into the full band version of Born In The USA. BITUSA was the highlight of the show for me, since even though I've seen Bruce and the E Street Band 15 times, I've only seen him play that song twice before, and one was the acoustic version. Devil's Arcade sounded great, and I like that one the best out of what I've heard of the new stuff. The crowd outside went wild during Badlands, with people all around me pumping their fists up in the air. I've been dying for 4 years since the last time I saw the E Street Band to pump my fist up in the air to Badlands. Bruce acknowledged the people standing outside a bunch of times towards the end of the show, and dedicated Girls In Their Summer clothes to those outside. And of course, Thundercrack and Born To Run were great. Overall, it was a really fun night and a great mix of songs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I could really give two shits about Bruce, Patti's childrearing skills and Clarence's bone spur BLAH -BLAH - BLAH -

However, great to hear that YOU are working on some new recordings.

Looking forward to the Christmas/B-day show and OAK08!


TA said...

Holy Hell! I just got spammed by Bruce-fan, what's next..a Jimmy Buffett parrot head?