Thursday, September 27, 2007

commercial rock

We were talkin’ last night about how great that track would be for a Gap commercial or something. In this late stage in my life I wouldn’t be opposed to commercializing one of my songs. Hell, I don’t give a shit. “Show me the money!” Put one in a Tampax commercial, I don’t care. Hell, I’m just waiting for a big ‘ol hit to retire on. Ain’t got nuthin’ else. How do you get songs in commercials anyway? I guess ya gotta know somebody that knows somebody. One thing I hate though is when the company uses a song I hate..and that they know everybody hates!. I HATE that! How the hell you gonna hook me in when I’m running as fast as I can for the remote to hit the mute button? I gravitate to great songs, on TV or not. Songs that have me now on TV (when I watch! which is about 20 minutes a day.) are, #1..that heavy badass rockin’ thing on the Dell commercial (the one with the Asian kung-foo dude in a wig). I turn that bitch up every time it comes on! Anybody know who that is? I’ll buy shit out of it! And #2 is the song on the commercial for the iNano. Listen to this, and this ain’t no lie. I was playing guitar one afternoon and (prolly drinkin’ wine) I was just jumpin back and forth between a couple of chords and found a pretty good concoction. I turned up the TV and that iNano song comes on. I swear the song I was playing on my couch was THAT song! I was JUST playing that song and I’d never heard it before in my damn life! Playing it BEFORE I’d heard it, right DAMN before! You know what I mean?
Which…I knew was sign…a sign to keep drinking. So I obliged.


Anonymous said...

the Dell song is W.A.N.D. by the Flaming Lips..from their most recent album, At War with the Mystics. Very solid release..with some great, anti-Bush lyrics(are there any bad anti-Bush lyrics?).
They have many great discs if you've never checked them out before.

The iPod Nano song is by a singer who goes by the name Feist. Song is called 1234.

Ace said...

How could anybody be "anti-bush"? I mean, I love Bush.

Only I hates it when they get caught in my throat.....

Anonymous said...

lordy lordy, driving back from Atlantic beach NC, and listenen to my XM radio chanell 12 just outside of Washington, Who elese but the Yayhoo,s come blasting across the air waves. I think I blew my speakers but it was worth was off of "fear not the obvious"

Ace said...

Go Rockies