Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Play ball!

Dan called me last week from the airport on his way to Tunisia and all parts nearby. One of the last things he said was that he really hoped he would miss seeing the greatest comeback in the history of the Braves for the postseason. It would be too. And all things broke in that direction last night. The Braves are now just 2 back in the Wild card. It’s still not very likely but our fingers, like many other fans for their teams, are crossed. If they don’t make it, here’s hoping for another chance at a Cubs/ Red Sox match-up in the World Series.
Know what torture is? It’s being on the top of a 32 foot ladder listening to your radio below and an “affalete” comes on for an interview. You know, the ones that go like this..”well, you know…me and my you know teammates you know …you know just
love you know playing this game you know and we feel like you know we still you know have a you know chance to you know make some noise you know we just take it you know one game you know at a time you know and we believe you know in ourselves and our you know God given you know abilities you know and you know we can you know only give it 110 percent you know every day you know and you know you know you know you know you know you know you know…. you know?”
Jeeez! It’s like a speech impediment or something! Use the damn English language, fool!
Breaking news..The Barry Bonds 756 ball will go to Cooperstown WITH an asterisk. Awesome! That would have been my vote.

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