Tuesday, October 02, 2007

far away eyes

Y’all will have to excuse my far away eyes these days. In the past few weeks I’ve been in extreme songwriter mode and I may not have spoken to you if you have spoken to me. Sorry, but you might need to include the area code when we talk, my mind is somewhere else. Them little hamsters are up in there moving lyrics around, (“should it be AND or BUT there?”), writing bridges and melodies and whutnot. I’m talking to myself about the story line and writing verses. And in some cases I’m re-remembering songs and what they are about and what approach to take, not only lyrically but sonically. “Should it be acoustics there? Hey, perfect place in the song for tambourine!” Shit like that worries the hell outta us sonrwriter dudes, sometimes putting the buggie way before the horse.
I also think about “should I work on this song or just let Big Al help me finish it when he comes next week? This one sounds like him..”
It’s a lot to think about, brutha…a lot to think about.


Anonymous said...

Take yer time bro' but be sure to make it danged good'n'greasy.

Anonymous said...

Well, Rock Star, I guess that 'splains it:

Late last Saturday afternoon, I was on my way back to Raleigh from "up nawth" and I decided to "bushwhack" over from Roanoke Rapids. It's a very enjoyable eccentricity of mine--trying to go from point A to point B without traveling along numbered Federal or North Carolina highways. Given I didn't have maps and was doing it from 52 years of memories of which paths go which a ways, I did pretty well. Along about 6-ish, I was wheeling up towards Bunn on the BC Road, and there I looked up and saw The Man Himself, out in the yard by his trusty pickup truck.

Truth be told, I hadn't approached your ranch from that direction before so was on top of you before I knew it. I was on the cellphone to my Mom who was lambasting me for being late back to Raleigh to help her with some trivial thing or another, so all I managed was a quick "Hey Rock Star" out of the open driver's side truck window.

It was a shout-out you didn't seem to hear, and now I know why.

Write-em up good buddy.


Ace said...


Just use my song, "A TA Song" and change the lyrics to " I wanna hear a coupla Andersons Song".....


Go Rockies