Saturday, June 09, 2007

matters of life and death

As expected today was a pretty big day here at Anderson Central, and a very emotional one. We woke up 7-ish and I was soon informed that Will had to have black dress slacks and a new pair of shoes in order for him to graduate. So I got Will up and made him come with me to try on said attire. It went well but as expected we ran into a snag on the way home, a tractor taking up space all the way back from the Louisburg Wal-Mart and it was just like the song “there ain’t nowhere to pass you on this winding two lane..can’t you hear the horns?”
But we made it to the auditorium on time and despite the seating confusion we sat down and glowed proud as our son, Will walked across the stage to accept his award for fooling the establishment into thinking he was really really smart (just kidding he really really is!). We are so damn proud of him, hell I wouldn’t take a shiny nickel for him!!
We went to his church afterwards and hung out for food and various snackage. I found out that my friend and the matriarch of the family that I’ve been doing a lot of work for lately (including her!) had died on Thursday morning of a massive heart attack. Man, what a bummer. She was really cool. She spoke her mind and everyone either laughed or said “right on!, lady!” It was such a contrast to the mood I was feeling with Will’s graduation, the beginning of life..the end of a life.
So fleeting…We love you Will, we’ll miss you Lucille!

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