Friday, June 08, 2007

Refreshements (SWED)

Fan and friend Lachlan DeSmith sent me The Refreshments (Sweden) CD's and wanted to know what I thought...
OK, so where have THESE guys been all my life? Seldom does anyone send music to me that I don't skip track..This not only holds my attention but I demand more. It's insane to me that Swedes (no offense..none taken) could sound so American! The singing is incredible, the guitar playing is great (though not quite as heavy as I'd like..what's with the Strat?) but seriously I'm blown away by this stuff. I will study it like history.
Of course, you know what's missing from this and any other Rock and Roll that rips off Chuck Berry? Those ingenius lyrics that he wrote.
You know, the ones that made John Lennon and Paul McCartney jealous?
Awesome music though and I see why Dave Edmunds used them as his band recently.

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Anonymous said...

I've been a fan as well since I first encountered the guys in 1997, in a small club in Oslo, Norway. At that time the great Billy Bremner was playing the geetar with the band and I have absolutely no complaints about how they sounded that night. It was like a reborn Rockpile. Boy, did I have a good time with a side order of about 15 bottles of Norwegian lager. Burp!!!