Monday, May 14, 2007

Bunn bike tour

I took a little bike trip around town Sunday morning..
Something very ironic about this shot, coffin nails being grown by the cemetary..
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"This ain' the outhouse damnit! It's the STORAGE SHED! You youngins quit coming in here taking a dump!"
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They really were!
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"All aboard!", the old train station..
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Hey, I never noticed that you could see my house (white) from the Dollar General.
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wrote a songs about it..
"Winstead General Store and gro-cer-reee
Winstead General Store and gro-cer-reee
You need bread, he needs a rake
Well, let me tell ya what road to take
It's 39 to 98, right in downtown Bunn!
Winstead General Store and gro-cer-reee
(pedal steal lick)
Winstead General Store and gro-cer-reee"
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roscoe said...

ride on bro! (and don't forget to pump up them tires!

Monty Warren said...

"...Winstead General Store an gro-cer-ree;
Wintead Gereral Store an gro-cer-ree;
So get in the truck,an drive damn fast;I told you we was outta propane gas!An leave the damn credit card,they only take cash-right in downtown Bunn!
Wintstead General Store an gro-cer-ree;[fiddle lick] Winstead General Store an gro-cer-ree..."

Ed said...

thx for the pics of the homeland... bringing a tear to my eye...

to add to the irony, the cementary land was donated by the farm family... but that was way before tobacco was killin' folks.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures make me wanna just leave rainy over crowded England and come on over. You got any jobs?
Please get the yayhoos over here again soon, We loved the Bristol gig!!