Sunday, May 13, 2007

Time flies..

Well, you know what they say..time flies when you’re having sex! Huh? Do they say that really? I hope not! Anyway, time DOES fly and it seems that the older you get the faster it goes. I remember as a kid thinkin’ “God, when is this day going to EVER end?” And now, the days fly by like the ticks on the second hand of a clock. I always seem to be trying to catch up and never having as much time as I think I do.
That being said, these next four OakTeam shows, in Chicago (20th), Cleveland (21st), Columbus (22nd) and Lexington (23rd), have REALLY snuck up on me. All of a sudden it’s THIS coming weekend! The Chicago thing with The Bottle Rockets on Robbie Fulks’ radio show is something I’ve been looking forward to since last year. There was talk that we would do this show last Sept. or Oct. but things popped up on both ends and so it was delayed until now. Not that the other shows were an afterthought mind you, but it did seem rather stupid to just drive to Chicago and then come straight home so the clubs we’ll hit on the way back were really nice to add us at short notice. I’m really looking forward to all of the gigs, especially since The OakTeam hasn’t played since late April and THAT was a last minute add on at Tir Na Nog, so we faced an unsuspecting crowd. I think the people in Chicago, Ohio and Kentucky know what’s coming. Some of our best shows have been played in these towns. People in the middle of the country like the Rock and Roll!
Spend time with ya Mommer and them today, and be glad you got one if you do. Time WILL slip up on you and the day will soon come that you can’t exchange “I love you’s”, and that is a life changing event I’m here to tell you.

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