Thursday, April 26, 2007

sounds like..

I'm still trying to figger out what the next OakTeam record could sound like. I really have wanted all my life (EVEN AS A SMALL CHILD..AND BEFORE THAT!) to make a record like "Never a Dull Moment". Seriously, what would be a better model for a great record? I could do that shit too! I gotS the damn songs fer it! But then I start thinking about the minimalist rock and roll thing and how cool, hip and (still) hick it could be. That would be where you (we) could hit mainstream rock radio. Almost a Fine Young Cannibals approach, four guys rockin' they parts and you get them to break it down to the note, almost a bass part. If you have a drummer and three bass players (practically) with great singing of REally really REALLY stupid lyrics........................hit.
But my heart is more true to the acoustic thing..Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Just as LONG AS IT'S FUN TO PLAY LIVE!!!!!!!!!!
It will work itself out...I just gotta quit worrying about it!

Happy Birthday (#79) to my Dad, the greatest.


philwo said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Anderson !!!!
All you need to play Rock & Roll is 3 chords, 2 hands and 1 asshole !!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Big C

Dave R said...

Never a Dull Moment was the first album I ever bought and I still love it to this day.

You could do a lot, lot worse than base an album (or band or life in music)on it - but you know that!

I was digging some stuff out for the eldest daughter last week and found the Rod Stewart and the Faces program from that tour - again the first gig I ever went to.

Rod Stewart is playing Newcastle, England (remember the place the Yayhoos couldn't find !) this summer (not the Cluny but the Football stadium) - tickets cost £65 or £55. It's a sad, sad thing but I've no interest. What makes me mad is that Rod used to always have a good ear for a song, his covers were always great songs. Now his choices are a pile of shite - and I don't mean the Songbook cash in.

Why doesn't he cover songs by all the decent bands out there who cite him as influence. Everybody wins - he gets to sing some decent songs again, the bands collect some royalties and me and him can be friends again !

Whoa that was longer than I meant - doesn't this thing make you bland - it's not like talking is it ?