Thursday, April 26, 2007

movie review


Halle Berry, thass all you got to say. And not necessarily Halle the person but Halle Berry the boobs and butt. They were definitely the stars of of this fine film. Man, one time there was this close up on her butt right after she had first put on her outfit and..DAMN! it was HOT! And the producer took full advantage of every shot of it as she walked away in her very sassy cat-like swagger. She also bowed her back as she walked making her back all curvy and sexy and shit.
Her boobs shared top billing with her butt. Every once in a while the camera would take a good close up look at'm in just the right light, providing a beautiful bronze glow that left many a grown man watching drooling and almost in tears. Something I haven't seen in too many art films like this one is the boobs "in action". Once or twice I noticed a jiggle as she landed her jumps. This was a nice effect. I wish they would use this more.
Now I'm sure there was some kind of plot or stupid storyline that went with the beautiful cinematography but I really couldn't tell ya what it was all about. It's worth watching (two or three times) though if you'd like to try to figger it out on your own.


Anonymous said...

Haahaahaa. Just had to forward this un to my brudda who calls himself a movie critic.

Tom Meltzer said...

I'm looking forward to your review of Faster, Pussycat, Kill Kill.