Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's many uses..

The more I listen to our new live CD, “When the OakTeam Comes to Town” the prouder-er and prouder-er I get. It’s selling like crazy now and the reviews (a new one out this week in The Philadelphia Inquirer) are off the hook!
So really, what good is it? This thing has many uses. Number one is that it’s great for cleaning house. With only one slow song in the middle, you will have your place spic and span in just 64 minutes or less! What I love about it is that you can put it on and drink wine or moonshine, Thunderbird, beer..whatever! and cook dinner to it. Your little ass will be shaking all over the kitchen as you whip up a feast for your loved ones. Also! If you have a long trip planned make sure you got this sucka for the ride! That hour will FLY by! And I guess the MAIN reason we did this thing (besides handing it out to club owners that will NEVER listen to it) was so that you’d have something to play at your parties! You’ll be grillin’ and chillin’ and everyone will come up to you and say..”What is this shit on the jukebox?” And you’ll tell’m “Just shut-up and listen, you might hear something that DOESN’T sound like Journey!”
It really is great to have and the price is right! Just a mere $12.99 from The Yayhoos site and Dave, the guy at Great Big Island, is a pro at getting your order out to you IMMEDIATELY! It’s also available at So jump on it and git that place cleaned up for your next party!


Anonymous said...

Hurry up and get it before the Russians and Japanese beat you to it!

philwo said...

Hey Dude,
Been in germany for a week to meet some old folks to play some gigs and when the plane left the ground I was already listening to the new Cd and some of the older material. It's true! It was the shortest flight I've ever had!! I always keep your music with me to introduce it to other people and man, they love it. I'm so happy that you get the chance to Rock & Roll other parts of the world. Russia!! Japan!! You must be the happiest man on earth!!
Shure you really gonna kick they're asses.
Wish you all the best for it and I hope to see you again some day here on the island of Mallorca.
Your probably greatest Fan