Sunday, April 15, 2007

glutton for reassurance


Keith pulls the old "socks behind the strings trick!"
Well, it's day three of the Keith experiment and surprisingly no one's killed him yet! We've really done great work on his new record tenitively titled "Glutton for Reassurance".
Of course, my personal favorite is the one I've had the most to do with, "Oh no you di'ent!" That is a bad ASS mutha..shut yo mouf! I am here to testify! All of them are gonna be..if not hilarious then heart breaking! Dude's got soul, yo!
We did Keith's version of "Beer Run". We did an Irish thing that he wrote called "She still sings". We did his great pop thing "Jennifer". We did a very Humble Pie/Jimi Hendrix jam called "The Wrong Girl" (badass!) We did a Tex/Mex/Appalachian thing called "I garrangoddamnteeyaaaaahhh!" and that thing is gonna KILL! But the spleen splitter of the bunch is gonna be "Precious". Keith and I wrote that, or at least first worked on it in the back of Roscoe's Suburban on the way home from Philly after a gig we did on Dan's 50th birthday. It's taken this long to bring it to the hilarious realization that it's about a cat funeral. You will cry when you hear it. For a number of stupid reasons...
OMG! IT's turning into a real record! Watch the hell out!
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philwo said...

That's what I call Rock & Roll!!!

roscoe said...

Precious, Grandma, Walter

Raymond said...

the Philly gig was my one and only opportunity to catch a 'Hoos gig. Glad it was inspiring night for you too. You guys ROCK!!!!! Shook Keith's hand while you guys shilled cd's. Need more soon.