Monday, April 16, 2007

my rig

My buddy, Monty bought me some new bad ass 13" hi-hat cymbals so my rig is now complete. Thanks Monty!
The world is gonna love your new record!

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Monty Warren said...

Truly was an honor and the very least I could do after everything you have done/are doing for me. You are truly a good hearted soul who makes everyone around you a better person, just by living your life in the way that you do and setting an example for the rest of us. I feel blessed, maybe for the first time in my almost wasted life, that I have gotten a chance to know you and also for having gotten to know everyone else that I have met through you.
As I told you the other day, you can bet that any friend of yours is gonna be goodhearted,honest,funny,giving of themselves and a great person to know-cuz otherwise you don't roll with 'em-and you got a really good B.S. detector and a discriminating eye/ear.
So 'tis I who wish to make this public declaration of gratitude to you. Terryandersondefintielyfuckin rocks.fuckincom!