Thursday, April 12, 2007

keef in da house!

We've got Chappy in the house y'all, yo! Yes! Keith Christopher of Yayhoos fame and misfortune has landed his ass in the 919 to record the follow up to his last effort which never..well never actually happened. OK! So this is his first solo record EVER! And Jesus! this thing gonna rock!? Are you kiddin' me? Have you seen this dude play? Unbelieveable talent! And I ain't just sayin' that cuz I play with him in The Yayhoos. Everywhere I see him, he's got me in stitches or in amazment at his musical abilities! Just imagine what a great new record is gonna do for 'ol Chappy! I mean the sky is the limit! He was bouncing off the walls when he called this morning to say that he was headed to the airport. "Excited" would be putting it mildly.
So the recording gear is ready to go, the band is here ready to rock and all we need is Chappy's directive as to which dot on the fretboard to press and what beat I should play. And I'm pretty sure he'll get right on soon as he wakes up!


Anonymous said...

What the world really needs right now is another bass solo from the greatest bass player I know. Damn he's good. Buy him a drink from me and mail me one of those things as soon as it's ready. I promise I will share it with the neighbors whether they want it or not.

Anonymous said...

Who will play guitar? Keith himself?

Wincent said...

as i told him in Blues-garage in October, he's is the greatest on bass, and his humor is the same. When Dan announced a 15 minutes break in Bluesgarage, Keith added: we gotta drink beer too, you know:-).
Keep smiling
Hans Wincent

Anonymous said...

Great pic by the way...
"My name is Keith - and I'll take a drink!"
Should make a good album cover ;-)

roscoe said...

Keith is the best guitar player in the Yayhoos by far!!

have fun you guys