Friday, December 29, 2006

"I suck!"

Thass what you’d be sayin’ if you were listening to what
I was listening to right now. I’ve got the new Big Al Anderson
rock and roll record called “Pawn Shop Guitars” and it’s
beating me down into surrender. Currently unavailable, it’s
hit after hit, only 2 slow songs and my butt is shakin’ all over the house and in the car. Al sent it to me to learn for the Blues Cruise show. I know, I know..I suck! ‘Cause I have to sit around on a cruise ship headed for the Bahamas and Puerto Rico for 5 days and wait to play one single 75 minute gig to pay for my keep. But this new record of his is unbelievable, kids! My 17 year old even loves it. Even prouder am I, that I have been honored to sing upon this masterpiece. I ain’t lyin’!! The bitch rocks!
“Shake that Thing” is an undeniable dance party! I dare ya..upon first listen..try not to dance. It’s like just potato ya can’t eat just one. My other favorites are “Have it your way”, “Drinkin’ on the Weekend” (..and not only because I sing on it!), “Something in the Water”, “World Came Tumblin’ Down”…and SHIT! All of the rest of’m!! ..and I suck also..’cause I gotta play these damn great songs somewhere near Puerto Rico, out by the pool, on a big ass boat and no paint jobs to worry about! So there! I suck! My wife says so anyway!


Anonymous said...

Suckin' on Marguerita's, That's what I'm talkin 'bout!!!

kyassor said...

Nevermind, the good days might be just around the corner : just do your best to try and get through the pain of the cruise and playing great music ;-)