Sunday, December 31, 2006

last day of '06 notes

Called Big Al today to cuss him out. "I'm the only one that can make records that good, you son of a bitch!" Everybody else should just put out "best of.." Cd's or something this year cuz Big Al has record of the year in '07 all wrapped up. "Not bad for a 60 year old man, huh?" he says to me. "OMG! it's unbelievable!"
"Shake That Thing" is like nothing you've ever heard before. Reminicent of Talking Heads but as funky as OutKast, he sings a really cool melody over top of the fattest groove in God's grey creation.
I've got the grooves down, now I just gotta figger out all of the arrangements..stops and turnarounds, blah blah blah.. Boring to you you guys, but I am seriously gettin' pumped for this gig. Bonnie Bramlett's daughter Becka is singing back-ups too..she is about as good as it gets..even as LEAD vocalist!
OK, I'm headed back downstairs to learn this shit. I've gotta lot a work to do between now and NEXT Sunday morning when I get on the plane to Ft. Lauderdale.
PLUS, finish mixing the live OakTeam thing before I leave(which, I must say..ALSO sounds AMAAAZING!). When it rains it pours!!
Pray for more great music in '07!! That's what keep us going, right?

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