Friday, December 29, 2006

4 stars in Philly!

Many thanks to Eric Hartline, who sent me this great review of our
record in The Philadelphia Inquirer, dated Dec. 3, 2006.

As he does with the roots-rock supergroup The Yayhoos,
Terry Anderson plays the kind of bar-band guitar rock that
both the pop mainstream and the indie hipsters thoroughly
ignore these days. So we’re claiming it as “roots”: Somebody’s
got to help spread the word about such great efforts to keep
this authentic brand of rock and rock alive. This album ranks
with the best of some Anderson’s obvious heroes, including
The Faces, Rockpile and Al Anderson era NRBQ
(Big Al, no relation, co-wrote one song).
Terry Anderson, who wrote fellow Yayhoo Dan Baird’s
“I Love You Period” and “Battleship Chains” for Baird’s
Georgia Satellites, is a clever and funny guy. That comes
through on such colorful tunes as “Purple GTO”, with it’s
Chuck Berryish storytelling flair, and the twang-fired “$100
dollars a Week”. But he’s not just a jokester. The North
Carolinian also writes blissfully tuneful and heartfelt pop
songs, such as “Sunday Dress” and “Raindrops”. Put it all
together, and it adds up to simple genius—just not the kind
that gets a lot of ink anymore.
- Nick Cristiano

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