Friday, November 03, 2006

Living w/ the pain

Another stupid ass week of a fool. Certainly not the way that I envisioned my later years in life. I was hoping to have aquired more than just the few hits that I have and to be living a little more confortably..but I didn't and I ain't so...I deal with it..just like everybody else! I'm sure everybody can look back and wanna change a few things. That's why the gigs are so rewarding. Not only because they are so much fun but because I'm doing what I thought I'd be doing. I feel like I'm in my place when I'm on stage, no matter which band. Tuesday I fly out
to NYC, spend the night at Roscoe's and Wednesday meet up with Dan and Keith for a Yayhoos rehearsal. Thursday night is the gig at The Mercury Lounge with The Bottle Rockets and then on Friday I have a meeting with a lady at ASCAP thanks to my friend, Dave Rose at Deep South. Maybe she'll have an idea where some of these damn songs can go..
Speaking of songs, this past Wednesday I sang on a track for Big Al's next record. Scott Baggett, his producer sent me the Pro Tools files and Big Daddy Dave B. downloaded them into his rig and recorded the thing. I think it sounded great and the song, "I Do My Drinkin' on the Weekends" is ROCKIN' ROCKIN' ROCKIN'!!! Hell, the OakTeam might even pull it out one night!

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