Wednesday, September 27, 2006

up's and down's and up's...

My life is one of high high’s and low low’s. Well, not really THAT low because I have a great family for support, but you know what I mean. There are times when I’m thinkin’ “Is this all there is? ..workin’ my ass off, never getting ahead, coming home drinkin‘ a bottle of wine and watchin’ some dumbass TV show like Flava Flav’s, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s or some other low-brow shit like Cheaters or Cops?"
I get breaks every once in a while, the gigs. The gigs are a total release for me, be they OakTeam or Yayhoos. They allow me to expel built up frustrations from those low times. I look forward to every gig, no matter how low my expectations are for them.
I get pick me ups from my songs that are out there too. The hits are humbling. I feel almost blessed. The “Dixie Beauxderaunt” thing is truly exciting and the Dylan/“Bottle and a Bible” thing was REALLY unbelievable (I mean, that was better than having a hit song, seriously!). And then sometimes I get other out of the blue opportunities like this...going on the Blues Cruise in the Caribbean and playing drums for Big Al in January of next year. He called just a while ago and made sure I was seriously interested.
Uhhh…lemme think..uuhhhh…and not paint? Well…I don’t know…HELL YEAH!!!
Really, anything that will get me outta Bunn NC for a week or so, count me in, but yeah, I will be honored to play in that band.
Thank God for little miracles or I would drink a lot more than I do!!

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But, damn. I was just thinking about calling you to paint my ceiling sometime.