Friday, September 29, 2006


Jack and I did the radio thing last night which was a blast. We could’a done ANOTHER 2 hours with the material we walked in with. Cabot was great to hang out with and talking to him off the air I realized that I had painted the house that he lives in now. Small world, huh? So we left there and decided to go check out how Sparklefest was coming along back in Raleigh. We hung out for about an hour, pretty much had a beer and left. Everybody sounded good, Jac Cain got new PA stuff to work with and had a lot more low end to work with so it was nice. I’m looking forward to playing tonight. Well..if I can get a nap! I got to bed about 1:30 and woke up with a bad headache about 4 am. I didn’t drink that much so it wasn’t that. It was just long day yesterday and I worked really hard. So I passed out again this morning only to wake up at 7 am to get the kids of to school. Grace had to leave early. So I’m laying there trying to back to sleep after they leave and the smell of coffee kept picking my head up. “Awww..screw it!” I’ll get up for a bit and see what’s been blown up, or who’s been shot or lied to or what other unexpected catastrophe awaits me on the news this morning. Having not slept much, I wasn’t in the mood for the silly and very unfunny banter of the Today show. I can only take so much of that when I HAVE slept to be honest.
So I flip around and end up on HBO and there’s that damn Troy movie that ‘ol Bradgelina was in. I’m watchin’ for a little bit and I’m thankin’..”Hell, this is purty good!” The writin’ ain’t too bad, they’re actually saying stuff that makes you think every now and then. I’m a sucker for history epics anyway so I keep watchin’ it and wondering when they were gonna get to the “horsey” thing. I wondered for a little bit if I had missed it cuz I picked it up about an hour into it. But the sumbitch is about 8 hours long so I figgered there was still time for that. That HAD to be the climax! They went though all this crap about Helen (of Troy, y’all heard of her right?) and the 2 dudes fightin’ over her and stuff and how that was what had started the whole mess.
Blah blah blah..get to the horsey, damnit!
Brad plays Achilles and there was that whole thing know wonderin’ when they were gonna get to the “Achilles HEEL” thing. Well, they finally get toward the end of the movie and this dude starts carving a horsey for his son back in Greece and the other dude sittin’ beside him gets this idea and I knew right away what was comin’. (I’m just sharp like that!) Sure enough, they built that sucker down by the sea and the Trojans fall for it hook line and sinker. Now here’s the part I couldn’t figger out… That damn thing had to weigh about a million tons, the way it looked, but them boys somehow drug it back to the city of Troy, up a steep hill (in a scene earlier, the Greeks were shown getting’ bombarded by the Trojans rolling fireballs down the hill at them… hmmm..) and across the desert? And too, how did the Greeks know how big to build that horsey? What if it was too tall and they had done all of that work for naught?!
So they get the horsey inside of the city walls and in the middle of the night the Greeks including Achilles (heel intact!) get out of that sumbitch and start stabbin’ and killin’ and all hell breaks loose! Oh Lord! What a mess! They’s throwing babies over the walls and pushin’ the ladies down the steps and stuff, uh!! It was ugly! Finally and at the VERY end, Achilles goes to save his hottie girlfriend and the Trojan Prince (I done forgot his name but he was Hector’s brutha, who had previously shown himself to be a coward) got that bow out and started flingin’ them arrows at Achilles (Bradgelina). The first arrow hits him where? Come on! You can get it! Yeah..hell yeah!..right through the back of his damn foot, right in the heel! I knew this bitch was about over then! And it was.
That was a purty damn cool flick. Check it out sometime, man.
I’m going back to bed.

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