Saturday, September 30, 2006

Big 'ol Friday night!

Well we showed up down at the Sparklefest and rocked like ass. We started with "Fat Lady" and it got dumber from there but not much slower. I looked over at Greg, who we fondly call Craig sometimes, and he was literally SURFING on top of his keyboard, standing on the bitch! Dave was over there leaning on him tryin' to hold his drunk ass up there. It was pretty wild and of course we had NO idea what songs we were gonna play until either Dave or I took the initiative to call one out as the last one ended. But suffice it say, we gave the crowd a good beat down, a relentless piledriver..if you will. And I damn sure will! I ain't scared to say it..we won!
I stayed till the end of the night and didn't drink too much, knowing I had to drive home. I get to Bunn and it's 2:33 am. The damn BUNN BEACH BINGO parking lot is STILL HALF FULL! PEOPLE!! Hey dumbasses!! Go HOME!! Go to damn bed! You can't be having that much fun! There has GOT to be more than bingo going on in there! Either that, or THAT is some damn HOT bingo action!

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