Monday, October 02, 2006

this week

Well it's a short work week as the OakTeam gits in the van and kicks it old school up to Ohio. We'll leave the capital city around 2pm on Thursday and drive straight to Columbus. My son Will is going to do the merch for us. I'm taking him out of school for his birthday..well..he's gettin' more than that, but that's part of it.. a trip to OHIO wif good 'ol Dad!
Friday morning we'll arrive at radio station WCBE at 10:30 am and play 3 songs and chat with DJ Mike Taylor. We go on live at 11:06.That night we open for our friends, Watershed on their home turf at a club called Little Brothers.That's another reason I'm taking Will, he really likes those do we.
Saturday morning we march our fancy asses up to Wapakoneta, hometown of Neil Armstrong. There's a space museum in his honor up in there. But it's more and more becoming known for Rhthym & Brews on old Rt.33. If you know anyone within 100 miles of that place call them NOW!! We are gonna have the throwdown of all throwdowns! There are folks coming from as far away as Chicago and Lexington, KY just to get they asses kicked by us!!

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