Friday, August 25, 2006


I wake up this morning in Arlington, Virginia reminded of the time that The Fabulous Knobs were in Columbia, SC and we drank and raised hell 'till about 5 am at our downtown Days Inn. We used to party like it was 1999 anyway, even though it was just the early 80's. After we had finally had enough and settled down and passed out about 8 am we hear a car horn blowin' and a man shouting. "Git up! Git up!" "Y'all git up, ya damn drunks! Ya kep us up all night!"
Well after another classic Yayhoos gig (at the Iota) that left those in attendance absolutely stunned!...we got back to our rooms at the Days Inn and the room next door to us (Roscoe and I)was having the crack party of the century. And in attendance was the Olympic Door Slammin' Team as well as some Ultimate Fighting contestants. At times it even sounded like a South American soccer team was practicing in there!
Bitches! Kep us up all night! I guess payback IS hell!
Where's my Advil? Look out Cleveland!


Tara said...

Great show last night. Stunned is truly the only word to describe the aftereffects, although astounded and staggered feel good too. I'm looking forward to the next time you all play around here again, hope it's less than 5 years away.


Anonymous said...

What a great show, those little brown drinks will make you do diffrent things. You guys play Rock the way it should be played can't wait to catch another gig.
Dan VA Beach

Mort Shelby said...

Jesusgawdalmightydamn that was a fine show at the Iota. Easily the best rock show I've heard in years.
It was great talking to all of you, especially you, Terry. I know you sing "Stay Away From Your Heroes", but I had to at least say hi and thanks for all the great music down the years. You da man.
Don't wait five fucken years to come back! Bring the OAK team up here!

Bobby Latina said...

Hey Terry,
Bobby Latina here from the Jack Fords. We had a great time playing with you guys last night. I must say the band was on fire. It was better then ever! I am going to come up with my top 10 Exile On Main St. songs soon. You can rush a job like that, it needs to stew for a bit.

Take care brother and hope to see you soon.

-Bobby Latina
The Jack Fords