Friday, August 25, 2006

better and better

First there was "Dancing Queen", that was the big number. House burner-downer...or something like that! That was the one that made'm want more. Then the new record came out...and then it was all like..."Roam", yeah that's the biggest baddest of them all, ain't nothin' gonna top that bitch!
Then came..."Keep on Rockin' in the Free World!
We learned it for the Neil Tribute that we did in Bethesda last night and it's been so much fun that it's earned the "Goodnight" spot. What's next?


Travis said...

"Keep on Rockin' in the Free World" on Sunday night in Nashville was one of the best moments of my life! You guys are the best!

Anonymous said...

"Rockin`All Over The World" as fogerty/sats tribute will do the job!!!!!!!!

Mort Shelby said...

Unbelieveable version of "Keep on Rockin' In The Free World" in Bethesda Wednesday night. Turned a middle-aged crowd of sit-on-their-ass-and-yak-during-the-music yuppiesinto a bunch of teenagers at their first rock concert.
You guys kicked ass seven ways to Sunday.

Anonymous said...

what about a EUROPEAN tour in the near future??

Anonymous said...

Yes,why not a european tour?
And don't forget SCANDINAVIA for god sakes.