Sunday, May 21, 2006

Santa had a wreck

Shoooz! Whassup!? I been 'bout as busy as a one armed paper hanger lately. I FINALLY got a day off so I could hang wif my peeps and relax a day or two. Friday was a beautiful albiet windy day and Will, my Dad and I played golf in a tournament to raise money for Will's trip to Ecuador. We of course did not win, finishing 2 under but we had a blast anyhoo...and raised a bunch of money.
My buddy, Jeff Carroll who mastered "I'll Drink to That!" and "You can't Bite me with a Monkey in your Mouth!" is puttin' together a Christmas compilation and asked me to write a song for it. I've been so busy lately that I haven't even had time to THINK about it! So when he came me and asked for my submission and I responded that I had nothing! "Maybe next time" I said. No word back from him for a few days until yesterday he Emailed me with an idea about turning one of my other songs into a Christmas number. He suggested "Fat Lady in the Stands" but I told him that "Daddy had a wreck" might be easier, turning it into "Santa had a wreck". So I got started on it a little last night but laying in bed this morning half asleep (when I write a LOT of my lyrics!) I finished the first draft of the whole thing and I think it could be good with a little tweeking. We're gonna cut it at rehearsal Thursday night on Big Daddy's Pro Tools rig. I love making up stupid shit!


Ace said...

Hey T,

Maybe Santa can hep you drink dat Thunderbird...... ya

TA said...

"Santa come on o'er here, and help me drank diss eggnog!!"
Yep! It would work!

Creener said...

Dear Santa -

I've been a good girl, but I want to be a BAD girl. Can I PU-Leeze have some Store Bought Titties?

Boobless in Burlington

kyassor said...

'Santa's Store Bought Titties' - go on, you know it has to be written :-)