Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I had a revelation this weekend. I finally figgered out how to make it in this world. And it's so simple that I can't believe someone hasn't taken this idea already and made an empire out of preaching it. Ya know what it is? Ya ready?
Look ahead. That's it! That's all it is. That's the one thing that keeps you ahead in life. Think about it. The best drivers on the road are looking ahead..even beyond the cars just ahead of them. The best coaches are ready for the other coach's next move..he's thought ahead. The highest paid CEO's are the one's with the strongest vision for the future. Looking ahead. Songwriters too, look ahead. There are some songs that I have actually "seen" in it's finished form in my mind before it's completion. Look ahead people! That's all ya gotta do!...Look beyond the first row of trees, way beyond that! Look as far as you can and you'll go far!
And as I was thinking about all this today I realized that the best thing for me to do as soon as I get off is go straight to the wine store and buy a CASE!..and that's exactly what i did! Just looking ahead!

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Ace said...

So Bruh,

We went from Hank Sr. and Chuck Berry to Beatles and Elvis, to Iron Butterfly and Black Sabbath to Mettalica and The red hot chili peppers to Run DMC and The FAT BOYS to Tupac and BiggE to Ludachris and Eminem.

What's next T dueling dial up sounds? White noise with a beat? The sound of suicide? Maybe it'll be Islamic scales played thru casio keyboard samplers?

I know; Transcendental telepathic hip hop. Ya? God help us.