Wednesday, May 17, 2006

talkin' 'bout talkin' 'bout..

Some talk around the Yayhoos camp on this last trip included names of places like California and Spain. Either is fine with me. Spain is, of course, my first preference. No offense, Cali!
Both is better (you know, with me and that thing for wine and all).

Hey, somebody gave me the damn finger yesterday. You know how two dumbasses will face each other at a stoplight, both wanting to turn in opposite directions and they just sit there waiting for the other to do something but neither ever does and a Mexican standoff insues? That's right up there in my book with the guy driving slow in the left lane on the superhighway. Anyway, I'd had enough of their dumbass-ity and blew the horn, well kinda layed on it. They THEN decide to kick it and speed off in their desired directions and the guy in front of me had the NERVE to shoot me the bird! Learn to drive, Mr. Dumbassman! Sometimes I just shake my head at people. Like Jed Clampett said about Jethro, "pitiful".


rolinstnz said...

One thing I have noticed is the higher concentration of non-drivers running the skreets of NC. These fools here just flat out cain't f'n drive. To make mastters worse Charlotte is gonna be plagued w/ the Nascar idiots for the rest of the months. Now in addition to the daily stupidity, we get RVs on parade too.

TA said...

It HAS gotten more infiltrated with no-driving sumbitches lately.
It's gettin' like Florida!

Anonymous said...

I can't get that damned sugar shaker song out of my head now. I keep singing it to myself. ARHGHHHHHH!!

Javi said...

You gotta come... for the wine of course ;-)