Wednesday, April 26, 2006

chicken feed

I never ever EVER EVER go to those chat groups on line. You know the ones where bickering little hens get together and try to peck each other to death with the "truth" about the careers of their favorite musicians? I occasionally catch wind though of some of the things they say about me or some of my friends and I have to just shake my head.
Like when comments like these are made, "Everything Dan (Baird) has done since The Georgia Satellites pales in comparison". HUH? I mean, you're kidding, I hope.(I especially take offense to this in the case of his first solo record!) This obviously, is being said by someone that is still deaf (or drunk!) from too many nights down at Hedgen's. Personally, I find those Satellites records unlistenable. The songs are great, sure. But that snare sound is so damn stupid sounding in present day that it's laughable, and this has nothing to do with Mauro. I blame Jeff Glixman and the 80's for that. They were always great live and that's how I rememmber them, but to me the records never did them justice. And sorry, Dan's had some pretty great moments since those days. Trust me, I was there..."pales"? ..come on.
And as for comments about me and my injection of a little humor into Rock and Roll.. it's called "having fun" and I will apologize for that on the very day that Chuck Berry, Little Richard and NRBQ do. Now please turn in your Georgia Satellite hymnals to page 2 and let's sing together "You got me tied down with Battleship Chains..."


Anonymous said...

Maybe the writer´s name was Rick...? ;o)

Bobzilla said...

Some people's just ignant. Rock on!

Tomas said...

You're right those GS records never did them justice, but they're still great. I also agree that some of Dan's best work has been made after he left GS, the first solo record is one of my favorite CDs of the 90's only beaten by a couple of CDs by a guy named Terry Anderson.

Hope that you and the OAK team get your asses over to Europe one day for some ass-kicking.

TA said...

Thanks Tomas, we're working on it. We're sending out a big mailing this week to promoters. Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Yeah but how DARE you put FUN into the Holy Temple of Rock, you goofball!
I know where you read this and beleive me, those guys commenting really are the group's Statler & Waldorf, you remember those grumpy old muppets from the balcony
eew, I really can't stand that kind of 'contributions'.

Hans said...

I would say it's the other way around, GS pales in comparison with everything Dan has done since, yes they were great, but again who doesn't pale compared to DAN BAIRD live? I hope I some day can put you, the oak's and the rest of the Yayhoos beside him, but you all have to get your asses over here, for that to happen.
Keep smiling