Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I've been helping my Dad move all weekend and you KNOW that's a good 'ol time! He's got a big ass office desk (like he needs it! retired and playin' golf all the time!), a way too heavy console style TV and all of the usual junk that old folks gather over the years. This place was pretty special though. This is where the Yayhoos wrote and recorded (in less than a week!) the first record, "Fear Not The Obvious". This is where my Dad had some knock-down-pass-out-throw-up-and-throw-down parties, where we would get up and play and piss all the old folks off and then his band would play and all my friends would fall asleep or leave. This is also where my wife and I got married, 17 years ago this Saturday. We came down the path sittin' on a haystack on a trailer being pulled by his tractor, which he also sold. It's all gone now though, all but the memories.


Bobzilla said...
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Bobzilla said...

What is it the Boy Scouts say? "Take only memories, leave only footprints." Or sump'n like that.

Still have some memories of those parties... I kinda remember leaving a few beer cans at your dad's place, too. Hadda keep emptying dem sumbitchs out.

TA said...

...and what did Big Steve measure those cans to be?

Creener said...

You don't remember shit 'cause you were crashed out with a fort built on top of ya!

Happy anniversary T.A & G.A. and best of luck to Carl.