Wednesday, April 26, 2006

gimme the mike!

We have a local TV rip-off of American Idol in Raleigh called "Gimme the Mike". You can of course imagine how bad it sucks. I mean, my stupid ass dogs start howlin' whenever we switch over there, it's that bad. One of the judges on it is my friend, Dick Hodgin. He's involved in music scamming (oopps! did I say that out loud?) in several different ways. But he used to be the manager of a band called Moonpie in Greenville, SC and once, we (The Fab Knobs) went down and opened up for them. They were cool and the show was cool and everybody had a great time. Afterwards, we were invited to an old church for some drankin' and jamming. Needless to say it was pretty late when we decided it was time to shut it down. Jack, David Enloe, Keith Taylor and I were invited to stay at Dick's house. We all got over there and grabbed a corner of the room and slept on the floor.
Keith and I started arguing about something that I can't remember to save my life right now and before you know it he and I were fighting like wild dogs in the middle of the living room floor. Dick comes out of the bedroom and says "you guys gotta cool it! right now!" "OK, we're done" Dick goes back to the bedroom (It's prolly 4am about this time). We're laying there and all of a sudden one of us (I don't remember which) brings the subject back up and the next thing you know we're going at it again! This time Momma comes out! Dick's then wife, Suzanne is pissed! "Ya'll gotta shutup and quit fightin' or git out!" She headed back to the bedroom. David says "Let's git the hell outta here" (It's 5 hours back home, mind you). We quietly grab our things, wake Jack up (who has the primo spot on the guest bed), and steal anything in the fridge that has alcohol in it. David decides that he is driving back to Raleigh but gets stuck in the ditch on the way out of the driveway and Keith takes over. In goes "DE7", the most recent Dave Edmunds record at the time. It was kicking our asses! We played (and you're gonna think I'm lying) "Me and the Boys" over and over and over and over until we got back to Raleigh. That was it. That one song...on constant rotation...from Greenville to Raleigh...non-stop. Maybe a 100 times, wide ass open from 4:30 am till 10am when we got back home and fell outta the car. It was both the most brutal and the best time of my life! Word Dick, whass up? Gimme that damn mike, bitch!

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Anonymous said...

Damn, you guys sound like my last house guests. I'da kicked yo ass out too! That's funny Dick made his wife do the dirty work.