Tuesday, March 28, 2006

on the streets!

The reviews are starting to roll in as people are beginning to open their mailboxes to find the new Yayhoos record, "Put the Hammer Down". Here are a couple of the Emails I've received..

Terry -

Got the new Yayhoos today, and as I gnawed it open on the way to get me some beer and a smoked turkey samwich I was reminded of the afternoon 2-3 years ago when I accosted Dan Baird at the Continental Club during SXSW. It was after he played a set with my fantasy girlfriend, Mary McBride. I says hello to Dan, and asks when's the new Yayhoos album coming out. He says, "Just stay alive. Keep existing and at some point you'll have it." Dan was right. I stayed alive and I have the album. And it rocks balls! We've all been wantin' a version of Gettin' Drunk ever since we saw ya'll do it out back of Opal Devine's that year. Jeez, what a great album. I'm still absorbing everything/anything about it. Hell yeah! Thanks to all you guys, damn it.
John Agee

I got the new record today. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! There is noone out there with the chemistry you guys have.
I will do everything in my power to introduce this record to as many people I can. I am forever changed buy your music.
A chance meeting in Raleigh in 2001 and I will never be the same since I bought your first record. I have lots of each of you guys
solo things and they equally rock. The Yayhoos are the saviors of Rock and Roll! I'm not usually this sappy but when something
changes your life the way your music has mine, you can't just not share your appreciation for it. Thanks for keeping it real.

get yours at www.yayhoos.com and TURN THAT SON-OF-A-BITCH UP!

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