Monday, March 27, 2006


No that's not a radio station. That's what his temperature was when I almost literally had to carry him into the emergency room this morning at 5am. There were some scary moments in the Anderson abode when our son Will was coughing, cramping, throwing up and shaking uncontrollably. I'm really glad I took him when I did. 104.8 is pushing it! They got an IV in him with meds and a bag of fluids and he soon started to calm down as his fever got closer to a respectable 100 degrees. He's MUCH better now. He's in there with one of my guitars strumming away and will muster a smile occasionally. The good news is they couldn't find anything wrong with him. The bad news is that they couldn't find anything wrong with him. They said it was probably a stomach virus.


ArnieBlepson said...

prayers y'alls way for a speedy recovery.

rolinstnz said...

Ditto. I hope young Will gets better soon!