Tuesday, March 28, 2006

and this..!!

The new Yayhoos CD showed up in my mail box yesterday, and all I can say is...Holy mackerel sapphire!
Congrats on another great rock and roll record, there ain't a dud in the bunch! On first listen, "Everything/Anything" and "Over The Top" really jumped out at me (sounds like Keith Christopher channeled that other guy named Keith on the latter, un-freakin'-believably great song).
Saw on the new web site that the Yayhoos will be in Marshall, MI in June, I'm planning on making the drive down. Hope to see you there, will probably bring the Jerry Jones along so you two can catch up on old times.
Thanks for continuing to carry the rock and roll torch,
Lou Thumser

From TA- Oooooh Ooooooh!!!Let me! Let me! I prolly told it before but let me be the first one to spill the beans that Ray Charles did a demo of "Over the Top"!! So, is it a great song? Ray sure thought so...can't go wrong with that! That would be like Etta James doing...uuuuhhhh...uuuhhh.."I Can Give You Everything" or something!!!


Anonymous said...

And a great song it is!!!
Can't wait to get my copies of 'Put The Hammer Down' in my mailbox...!

Javi said...

Waiting, waiting...