Friday, February 17, 2006


For about 45 minutes last Friday night I think I called up the spirit of Joe Tex, Wilson Pickett or even Otis. I had my best singing performance EVER! We were in Myrtle Beach at a joint called The Social. It's a cavernous little hellhole only fit for beginner bands and punk bands that don't care what they sound like. At one point I yelled for the "soundman" (the real one didn't show up...and if I'da had to work that room I'da quit too!) cut the damn reverb off. Only problem was that it WAS off! Anyhoo..thank the Lord for our in-ear monitors (Grace says that's all I talk about "in-ear, in-ear, in-ear!") or we wouldn't have heard a damn thing. I was already pissed off about the soundman not showing up and Big Daddy Dave having to set up the PA on top of all of his other duties. So we did the punk set, no slow or remotely pretty songs and something about how the whole night fell into place made me sing...and I hate to use this word...great. I even had one of the punks in the audience come up and say "Man, I really loved your singing!" There's a first time for everything, I guess!

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Morgan said...

I have to see this band. When are you coming to Australia? Check with Roscoe to see if he likes it here at all.