Sunday, February 19, 2006

toothbrush update

The blog everyone has been asking's the toothbrush? Is it still turning? Well, I'm sorry to report that the toothbrush IS still turning, I wish it WOULD die. It's just not giving me the performance I need out of my toothbrush. It's pretty much on life support. It takes about 13 pushes of the button to get it to grind. It will speed up and slow down even slower or even stop at times, but I'll hit the button again and it keeps going. It's the damndest thing! Over 2 years, same batteries. It won't be long though. I have a feeling that this will be it's last week.

I may not be getting all of my Emails sent to my Hotmail account so try my Gmail ( if I don't reply. It has come to my attention that many have been sent that I haven't seen, including requests for more CD's from record companies..yikes! I usually reply if get one so please understand that it may not have made it.

Southern Pines..OakTeam..Sat. Feb.25...133 E. New Hampshire Ave...O'Donnell's..Roadtrip!!

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