Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'll Drink to That!

I was listening to my last record, I'll Drink to That! (available at today and thinking about some interesting facts about it that I wanted to share.
Well, the whole record got started because of a painting job I did for my friend, Bob Wallace. He had a studio with 2 Da-88's and I traded the work out for a day of recording. About 6 months after I had done the job, Jack, Roger and I went over there one Saturday and cut the rythym tracks to the first 5 songs on the record. That's why they sound different.
I recorded "Safety First" and "Nastiest House" at home in my basement and I played drums on "Safety First" left handed/footed so it would sound even stupider. If you listen to it, it sounds like a little kid playing drums.
Some of you may have noticed this but on "Rock and Roll Girlfriend" I sing the line.."She'd rather hear a record from '73 than any of the hits on MTV"..but on the lyrics page I put (what I had sang on the demo).."..any of that SHIT on MTV"
My Mom also died during the making of this record so for that alone it is special to me. It was kind of hard to sing some of those funny lyrics when I wasn't feeling very funny. But I was inspired to finish the record because I know that's what she wanted me to do. It still stands the test of time. Big Al says it's my best. Hell, it's worth the price of admission to hear the string arrangement that Dave Adams put on "Stay Away from Your Heroes". That boy's good, y'all!
If you don't have it already, I ain't gonna call you a dumbass but....what are you waitin' for?

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