Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Twangzine review

...and speaking of hillbillies...I love this guy! Though one of his facts are flawed (I never played drums fer The Satellites), he gets the rest of it right! :-)
Dat sumbitch is crazthy!!!

Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass-Kickin Team
– Self Titled Doublenaught Records

Terry Anderson was born on the same day as Jesus. Coincidence? I don't fucking think so. Like Jesus, Terry Anderson has turned water into wine, but then Terry turned the wine back into water again. He turned beer into water too. That's just a small example of the mighty power of Terry Anderson.

Back about 400 years ago, Terry Anderson was the drummer for a band out of the Atlanta area called the Georgia Satellites. They got famous a little bit. They had a couple of hits, one of which “Battleship Chains” was penned by Terry. Terry also plays in a band called the World Famous Yahoos with that gap toothed wonder geek Dan Baird, and the Lord of the bicycle and guitar Eric “Roscoe” Ambel. Ain't none of that got shit to do with the Olympic Ass Kicking Team. Both the Satellites and the Yahoos kick ass, but strictly on a intercollegiate level, especially when compared to the OAK Team.

That's because the Olympic Asskicking Team kicks ass on an Olympic level.

This is balls to the wall Rock and Roll the way Rock and Roll is supposed to be played. Even when playing a song with a country feel like "$100 a Week", it still rocks. It's rockin the style of the Faces, or Sam teh Sham, except it rocks harder. It's party rock. Music that makes you want to shake your ass, Music that makes you smile, whether they are singing about needing a drink "Feel a Drunk Coming On", getting drunk -"Thunderbird," getting your first car "Purple GTO", and yelling at old people who can't drive "Gityoassupda Road". This is as perfect a rock record as has ever been made. Better than Exile on Main Street. Better than Born in the USA, Better than the White Album. Playing this record really loud will get you laid, arrested, and should be able to pull your head right out of your ass.

Aint that what Rock and Roll is supposed to do?

Jeff Wall

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