Wednesday, January 04, 2006

in-store! in-store!

The OakTeam is doing it's first (and probably only!) in-store on the 21st of this month (and for those of you who haven't's Janurary!). Weez driving our asses all the way up to Virginia Beach, Va. and hangin' out with the fine folks up at Birdland Music that afternoon. Somewhere around the 3 o'clock hour we'll pull out an acoustic guitar or two, a drum (or ladder!) to beat on and start sangin' louder than a bunch of hillbillies at an Alabama concert! We is gonna have a BIG 'ol time!.. And looking damn forward to it too! Hopefully, we'll sell some CD's, sign some autographs and act like big rock stars and shit. Woo Hoo!
When all that fun is done, we're jumpin' back in the van and headin' 90 or so minutes away to Richmond to do the loud rock show. We gonna tear the ass end out of a little place called Wonderland. (..they fittin' to WONDER what hit'm!). Hoping to leave there with mouths wide open and poop in they drawers!!!
...and we'll go "weee, weee, weee!!" all the way home!

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