Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Thanks Gerben!

First of all a Happy and Healthy New Year from Gerben!
I like your translation, Terry. Here's mine:

An olympic discipline that will probably never make it to the Games is the hard art of simple pubrocking. Terry, who has won his spurs for some three decades in various bands, most recent in The Yayhoos, makes his cd’s (You Don’t Like Me / East Side Digital ‘5; What Else Can Go Right / East Side Digital ’96; I’ll Drink To That / Not Lame ’01 – reviewed in in RTM 15) with incredible ease. They are somewhere in between the English side of Rockpile with its exponents Lowe and Edmunds, and at the American side NRBQ and the Georgia Satellites. No surprise that the other Yayhoo Dan Baird (who had an international hit with Terry’s ‘I Love You Period’), alongside Eric ‘Roscoe’ Ambel, plays along on ‘Purple GTO’. Terry opens his can of beer with the turbulent rocker ‘Can’t Get The One You Want’, which knocks you off your feet, and then ‘You Know Me’, (heavy horns!), which makes your hips twitch by a shocking groove. ‘Sunday Dress’ is a litlle less energetic, but those guitars sure are armed. ‘Hi ’n Dry’ is a cocktail with a heavy shot, the guitars are behind the door with wooden hammers and the piano gives a final kick. ‘Raindrops’ (beautiful lap steel by Larry Hutcherson), ‘Inez’ and ‘Thunderbird’ sound as if they came from the collected works of Lowe, Costello and Squeeze, while the current Dave Edmunds would give som important limbs for the country rocker ‘$ 100 A Week’. Before the album closes with the slightly drunk ‘Rehab’ with a.o. Caitlin Cary on violin, we get some infectuous rockers like ‘Feel A Drunk Comin’ On’, ‘Gityoassupda Road’ (again some heavy horns!) and ‘Check Please’, which makes clear where punk got it’s energy – from the pub, of course! Terrys e-mail addy starts with ‘terryandersonrocks’… which I call fairly modest PR. More appropriate would be ‘terryandersonpubrocks’, which ranks a couple of barstools higher for the real devotees. Holadiyayhoo, gityoass kicked and party into the new year! (MN)

Thanks Gerben! I knew it was something like that!

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