Thursday, January 26, 2006


Man, getting going in the morning gets harder and matter how much coffee I drink. I always knew I would become the "Grandpa Jones" of rock and roll. Hell, I'll get it together soon and start packing for the trip. I'm meeting Dave and Jack at Jack's house at noon and we're leaving from there. Greg is flying to Charleston and taking a taxi to the gig. His flight gets in at 9:36 and we go on at 10:30. I may or may not be able to blog from the road go I guess the thing to do if ya wanna know what's going on is come to the damn gigs!
Here are your homework assignments until I get back regardless: Musicians, keep looking for the perfect "wrong" note to will inspire others. Drummers (notice how they weren't included with the musicians?), keep looking for the perfect space between each beat! And for those of you who are neither, report back to me on which is the best Country star turned it Billy Ray Cyrus in "Doc"? ..or Reba McIntire in "Reba"? That's a hard one..a reeeeal hard one....especially since no one has ever watched either one!
See y'all at the gigs, and if you don't know where they are then shame on ya!
You'll find'm here:

PS- One side note to my recent correspondence with Robbie Fulks, he axed me and the OakTeam to come play his live XM radio show sometime in September. Keep your fingers crossed that would be a blast!


Anonymous said...

That kind of plan to get to the gig reminds me of my band alot.... good luck on the road!

Tom said...

Robbie's had some great folks on that radio program, y'all will fit right in!