Friday, January 27, 2006


After I uttered the phrase "half-cousin", we kept ourselves entertained for hours on the way here tryin' to figger out who would have to get with who to make that happen. Let's see..your older brother got with your Aunt..or would that be your half-nephew?..or your sister and your's crazy. I was wishing I had something like a "family calculator" where you could enter in one family member, let's say "son" PLUS "2nd half-cousin twice removed", push = and you get the answer. Oh! It's "quarter cousin and a half"! That would be awesome.
Well, everybody got to the gig as planned. Greg's plane landed safely after he was driven crazy the whole trip by some 40 year old mental patient that was speaking one word at a time...the WHOLE trip! .."Takeoff".."Going for a ride".. "Itch" .."Scratch" .."Cold".."Feel Good".. "Thirsty"...."Go"..
Oh, and we rocked The Empty Club..I mean The Empty Glass. They really did dig it and asked us back on a weekend night when people actually go out. Uh, why didn't you tell us that to begin with. Oh well, we had us a good 'ol time hanging out with our friends, Watershed, who "closed" for us. :-) ....just funnin'! They rock. Buy their damn record!
Alright, off to bed. I GOTS to be ready for Wapakoneta! Cuz, I KNOW they is ready for us! They done sold about 50 advance tickets, dass good. Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Uncle Daddy and Aunt Mommy doing "the beast with two backs" routine might get you a half cousin.