Thursday, January 05, 2006

start a band: lesson 1

So ya done wrote about 5 songs and ya think ya wanna start a band? Coooool! Here's what ya do...You get one of them cheap sorry ass, ain't worth a shit 8, 16, 24 trk. recorders and record (or "lay down" as we say in the BIZZZZ!!!") only the drums, bass, one guitar and lead vocal on each one of those superbad ass kickin' songs of yours. Then whoever wants to get down with ya can check the tracks out, and lay something down (or not!) and decide at that point if he wants to be in a band with you or not. And you in turn can check them out (if they decide to embarrass themselves and jam along to one of your tracks!)and then decide if you ever wanna ever see them again. That's one stupid ass way to do it..lesson one...50 bucks please!

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