Sunday, January 22, 2006

CT. review

our friend Ken McCarthy saw this in his morning paper up in Connecticut this week...

Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe never released a follow-up to their band Rockpile's fantastic 1980 album "Seconds of Pleasure," but you could be forgiven for thinking that "Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team"was, in actuality, Rockpile's long-lost sophomore disc. Anderson also served time in the mid '90s with the similarly -rocking Yayhoos, and wrote "Battleship Chains" (made semi-famous by the Georgia Satellites), so he knows his roots rock. Whether performing straight forward numbers such as "Hi'N Dry" and "Can't Get the One You Want," goofy tunes about drinking ("Feel a Drunk Comin" On," "Thunderbird") or mid-tempo lovesongs that aren't schmaltzy ("Raindrops," "Inez"), Anderson proves he's earned his slot on the Ass-Kickin' team. And with help from Walter Clevenger, Dan Baird, Caitlin Cary and Al Anderson (no relation), "Olympic Ass-kickin' Team" is a compendium of cult-level-famous roots rockers and power poppers (yes, that's acompliment). Bouncy, silly, rocking-basically, just plain old fun- "TerryAnderson and the Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team" is an unadulterated roots-rock gem. Edmunds and Lowe would be proud. -Stephen Haag
The Hartford Courant

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Terry! Connecticut loves you! I'm halfway between Hartford and NYC, and I'm sorry I didn't see the Courant article. Speaking of NYC, when are you gonna play the Big Apple? We have a fledgling roots-rock scene, but we're definitely not ass-kickin'!