Sunday, January 22, 2006

Va.Beach/ Richmond

What a perfect time we had on the road yesterday! Everybody met on time as usual (you don't know what a joy it is being in a band like that!) and we got our asses up the road to Birdland Music. A great Mom and Pop record store like you used to love. We set up a small one speaker PA, plugged the bass and piano direct, Dave turned way down and I played quieter and we layed down a quick 12 song set that had the small but enthusiastic crowd of about 20 bobbin' dey heads and fightin' their feet not to dance! It really sounded good and the guys at the store, Barry, Bob and Craig sold lots of the new record. They were extatic as we left (well..not BECAUSE we left but because we came) and promised to continue to help pushing the record in every way they could. After a brief stop at a mall because we heard they had a photobooth there (of course, it was out of order!) we headed on to Richmond. Once again Big Daddy did a great job of getting us straight there and ON TIME! Our friends from DC, the Trudes were there. You might remember them as having the house party that the Yayhoos played at a few years back. Also there were my friends Mike and Wendy Piercy who bought us some awesome sushi next door to the club before the show. The show rocked like hell as usual and we were really glad that we had our in-ear monitors with us cuz the club had nothing! So despite everything, the shitty sounding room and no monitors, we sang like angels. They wouldn't let us do the encore that the people were SCREAMING for so we grabbed the gear and hit the road back to Raleigh. We needed a nice cold beverage or two but decided it would be better to wait and pick up a 6 pack down the road. Well we got to the store and dude says "No alcohol sold after 12 in Virginia" Our shoulders slumped. "Can we make it to NC before 2?" "Not unless you want a ticket!" OK, now what? Finally my brother says "What kind of beer do you want?" I look over and see Modelo in cans. I say "How about Modelo?" He says "Well... I can't SELL it to you!" as he stared at the ceiling. Jack walks over and gets the beer out of the cooler, I leave the money and thank the guy repeatedly. With late night leftover sushi and cold Modelos we rocked it on back home...old school.

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