Monday, January 23, 2006

Swinneyfest '06

Once again the OakTeam showed up at The Pour House and gave a rock tutorial for the low low price of $5. The students were taught in about 18 easy steps how the rock should be laid down. One by one, we tore through the set only stopping to change one guitar wif a broke strang. Greg Rice 'bout pushed his keyboard over layin' on it and beating on it so hard. The in-ear monitors are helping us to now teach singing (as opposed to screaming) as a special bonus. I think most of the class walked out a little wiser, if not...drunker.
The mayor of Raleigh was in attendance and stayed for the whole show. I hope he takes some of that knowledge back to his office with him today and rocks a few asses over at the Raleigh Police Dept.! I had a real nice bum from the park across the street come over and smash my car window and ransack my car while I was playing and it took over an hour and a half for the cops to come to the 2 or 3 blocks we were away to write the report. Of course it was close to eleven o'clock and that is when the next fresh batch of doughnuts come out of the nearby Krispy Kreme oven. If anyone sees a bum with a Tae-Kwon-Do bag full of gear with the name "Nathan Anderson" on the side...woop his ass for me and then come back and tell me where he is and I'll give him a coupon worth 150% more for free!

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