Monday, December 26, 2005

turd on a stick

I was gonna blog this yesterday but I didn't wanna ruin anyone's holiday meal:

My wife, Grace works at a very high dollar bath and kitchen fixture supply company. It's in the Fortune 500. Anyway, a lady called the other day and asked one of the salesmen, "Do y'all sell any toilets with a bigger hole in them?" The salesman was curious and asked "Why would you need a bigger hole?" After she told him that she was over 400 pounds, she also offered this tasty bit of information.."and my turds are so big I gotta reach around there and dig'm out with a stick!" He did everything in his power to maintain his composure.
I wondered what kind of stick, like a tongue depressor kind or like a wooden ice cream stick or one out of the back yard or what???


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Ace said...

She prolly uses Vic Firth drum sticks.