Tuesday, October 04, 2005

from Jason in Lexington


I'm really upset that I won't be home in Lexington to see your show for Scott's birthday. I was there when you opened for his band back in May and you guys
rocked like hell. I'm gonna order your cd as soon as this email gets finished.
I'll tell you a funny story regarding your blog. In college I was in this business statistics class that was the hardest class I ever took and one day the professor announced a pop quiz. I'm thinking, "Oh shit," but the professor said we would be okay if we had watched the World Series the night before. I didn't know what he meant by that, but he handed out these quiz sheets and there were ten questions on it. Luckily for everyone the questions were all the same and they read like this:

Who is the worst broadcast announcer in the history of

A. Tim McCarver
B. Tim McCarver
C. Tim McCarver
D. Tim McCarver.

To borrow from you....good times.

Take care and have fun at the Stones show.


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