Sunday, July 17, 2005

silver bullet

My friend, Dick Hodgin (we call him"Shoot off"...don't ask why!) told me this story about a friend of his that got stopped for a DUI. The cop asked for his registration and license. Dude grabbed a silver tin foil chewing gum wrapper, balled it up, handed it to the officer and said "This silver bullet will tell you who I am!"
Oh man, I love that story.
Speaking of Dick, we (The Fabulous Knobs) did a gig in Greenville(SC) with one of his bands, Moonpie (later named The Accelerators). And unfortunately after the gig we got into a fight in his house(where we were staying) and his wife asked Dick to please have us shut the hell up. So we did.... for a bit..then we started talkin' about whatever it was that had pissed us off in the first place..and then it was on again! His wife (@3am!) said ...."git them the hell outta here!" So we grabbed our shit and left, 5 hours from home. David (Enloe) SWORE he could drive all the way back and IMMEDIATLEY pulled the car into the ditch coming out of the driveway! Keith (Taylor) said, "I'll take over". Drove for about 30 mintes and then let David take back over. So from Greenville, SC to Raleigh, NC ..the ONLY song that played for the next 5 hours was Dave Edmunds version of NRBQ's "Me and the Boys". THE ONLY SONG! FOR 5 F-ING HOURS! Brutal! We heard it maybe ...ohhhh.....200 times! But we got home safe!


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