Sunday, July 17, 2005

Pulp Fiction & my Mom

Bravo had a Pulp Fiction marathon last night and even though I own the movie on DVD I sat there spellbound by it watching it once and then half again before passing out. What really sucked was how chopped it was. Hey! you MF-ers, why the F can HBO play the un-F-ing-cut version but you guys gotta replace all the F, S, A, N and GD words? I've never understood that. Do they (or we) have to pay extra to allow those words on THAT cable channel? I'm sure there's some GD, MF-ing, S-A FCC law about it. That's an amazing movie though, chopped or not, and I understand now how my Mom could have watched "Dirty Dancing" 47 times. Not that I could watch that movie once, but just how certain movies become part of your life.
Speaking of my Mom, yesterday was the fifth anniversary of her death. Sometimes I think I'm a terrible son because I almost never go to her grave to lay flowers or do any of that stuff that people do. But she knows that I love her and miss her very much and I just feel like I can say that from anywhere in the world that I am. It's just really hard to go over there. I don't like being reminded of her death but I do remind myself frequently of her life. I have a large portion of my backyard dedicated to her. It's a garden full of Japanese maples, flowers, a small pond, a bench and a stone made for me by Ron Bartholomew, Dave's brother, that says "MeMa's garden". That where I go to talk to her.


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